Well… It’s that time of year again. 

The time of year where we are literally bombarded with so much stuff! Yeah… all the materialism and commercials… but, on the flip side we’re also bombarded with tons of articles and campaigns to raise our awareness about global issues and poverty and how the world is about to explode because of all the injustices. 

I think it’s just too much for us to handle honestly. I know that I have just been skimming through the countless e-mails in my inbox that have titles like: “You too can sponsor a child dieing from ____ for just $2 a day” or “Millions are dieing while you are shopping”.

It’s just too much.

However, this day hits close to home for me.

One year ago today, I wrote a similar post… yet from a very different perspective than I did the year before that. Last year, I was working in Malawi with people suffering from HIV&AIDS. I was seeing things that I had merely scanned through e-mails about before. I was forming friendships and understandings with people that wouldn’t make it to this year. 

All that to say… when this day rolls around I have to stop and ask myself… “what are you doing to remind people about what you saw?” We all forget way too fast. Our society just sucks it right out of us. There’s this fine line between seeing something once and forgetting you saw it the next day and being inundated with something day in and day out until you just get numb to the reality and don’t care anymore. I want to find that line and live in that place… where I understand the reality that we live in and am compelled to do something about it.

So, today I reflect back on what I saw.

Today I look forward to the future.

I look to the day that, by God’s grace, people will not suffer from preventable diseases like HIV&AIDS.

I dream about a time when the poor will not be neglected. A day when disparities don’t exist between the rich and the poor… or even worse, based on the color of your skin. 

But, I also look to myself and ask what I am doing to care for the sick and the hurting. Where is my money going to support the widow, orphan and indigent? Where are my talents being used to raise awareness and keep attention on this issue?

So, today I would like to encourage you to take a few minutes and educate yourself about one of the most pressing issues in the world today.

Here are some writings from when I was in Malawi about what I saw: A Glimpse of Hope, Walking In Statistics, Go and Make ___, Jane.

Experience HIV&AIDS (this is great… please take a minute to do this!)

Learn more about the crisis here.


1 thought on “World.AIDS.Day

  1. Thank you Ryan for reminding us of what so many are facing in Malawi and elsewhere in Africa.

    I encourage everyone to visit the website above, I did and was reminded of how URGENT this crisis really is.

    Olivia’s story reminded me of a HOPE FOR AIDS visit we made while in Malawi. For those of you who have not traveled to Malawi, I am here to tell you this is very REAL!!!! This is exactly what individuals are facing and this is a true representation of where they live. Had I not seen this with my own eyes I may not have believed.

    Ryan made many of these visits while living in Malawi and he can testify how desperate this need is. Thank you Ryan for being willing to GO…to be the hands and feet Christ has asked us to be.

    Love You!!

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