Hardening of the Arteries

Some things are just difficult for me to comprehend.

I find myself emersed in global news headlines throughout the day… I know, I have a real job too. And I swear, I really do spend more time doing real job things than I do monitoring the state of the universe… promise.

However, as I emerse myself in this stuff, I find myself in the position of many people… It’s as if I am just ingesting this stuff in a gluttonous fashion and then when I lay my head on the pillow at night, my mental arteries are too clogged up to even process things.

There are times that I wish I would have never begun this journey of trying to be more informed… more aware.

On occasion, I wish I could just live on a farm, grow my own stuff, not own a TV, not pay taxes and not worry about what kind of footprint I am leaving on this place. Not even care about how my actions or inactions affect others.

That would be awesome. But, the world has never been that way. I don’t think it’s supposed to be that way.

I believe that God’s original plan is still His plan today. He wants us to live in peace… shalom. He wants us being community with others. Practically, I think the easiest way that plays out is for “community” to look like a handfull of people that live within a few miles of you, wear clothes that look like yours so you would want to borrow them, read the same news sources as you, have similar life experiences and world views, and preferrably bring good items to potluck.

But, what if God really intended for community to be broaded and more encompassing? Yeah… I think that it is essential to have a small community of people that care about each other and will know you inside and out. But, what if God didn’t want us to stop there?

What if He wanted us to care as much for the children that are being abducted and forced to do unspeakable things in the DR Congo as we do the children that we read books to in our home groups at church?

What if God wants us to feel the pain of a small girl in Cambodia who has been forced to prostitute her body to Western tourists for years against her will as if she was the daughter of a close friend?

What if the battle in Gaza were transferred to our backdoor… a war between Bryan and College Station… what if it were our kids that were being killed for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time… just carelessness… would it matter which side was justified… or would we simply cry in outrage that an injustice has taken place?

What if it was your sister’s house that was mistakenly bombed because a foreign government thought that a terrorist lived there? Turns out they just had the wrong coordinents. In the grand scheme of things, it was only a few people that were killed. [I can’t find the source where I heard this story, but that really did happen]. But what if those people were your people? What if 1,307,319 of your people were killed over the last few years by another country… many of them innocent civilians? Would we see those numbers as faces if that were the case?

I guess I’m just getting a little depressed because it seems like there are very few people that really care about the sanctity of life.

I get sick of reading articles like this that talk about people just walking into a village with machetes and going to town on every man, woman and child.

I can’t comprehend how people get to the point of being OK with this stuff. What’s more… I can’t comprehend how I get to the point of being unphased by this stuff.

How do we live in a global community?

How are we supposed to dignify every life… even our enemies?

It starts with being aware… but, it’s hopeless if things end there.

Right now, I feel suspended in that space between aware and action. Aside from “caring”, I don’t know exactly what I can do about some of these things.

I guess I start with ensuring there is no blood on my hands… but, where do I go from there?

Any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “Hardening of the Arteries

  1. amen, brother, amen.
    let us continue to pray for discernment, never become complacent, and continue to encourage one another in these questions.

  2. unfortunately, i have no suggestions here. all i have to say is i’m fighting this battle alongside you, finding myself depressed at times as well, wondering how i live normally in the knowledge of the violence around our world…

    it does start with being aware, I agree. but i find myself stuck in the in between (of awareness and action) way to often as well…

    i’m praying for God to reveal the baby steps we can take daily to act–i am praying for us to not trust in the hopelessness of the situation more than the hope God offers to the world, perhaps through his people. how can I be a piece of the hope God offers to the world and what does that look like for me individually? or for the church as a whole?

    i’m not sure. sorry i have no answers. but please don’t feel alone in your struggle…i’m struggling as well

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