Clean Water is Good

I thought this video was really impactful. It’s short and simple and doesn’t really pull at your heartstrings or anything.

Just true.

I think back to how many times I saw people getting water from much worse sources than this, yet I didn’t really think that much of it because that’s just what they do.

But, could I ever imagine having to do that myself? Having to serve this to my wife or children?

No one should.

There is a Bill in the Senate right now that isn’t getting a whole lot of attention that would provide 100 million people with first-time access to sustainable sources of clean water.

That’s a BIG deal!

All you need to do it click here and put your name down to say you think it should be so.

We wouldn’t think this is acceptable if it was happening on our soil… why should we think it acceptable for other people?


2 thoughts on “Clean Water is Good

  1. Thanks for posting this! I signed after reading the bill…had to make sure there were no crazy liberal one-liner amendments in it. There was a bit about climate change and the like, but nothing big. Sounds like a great idea.

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