Sugar. Tee-Tee. Old Man. Horses.

Well… Happy MLK Day to all…

What a crazy few days we’ve had around here. Sara and I looked at each other the other day and said, why does it look like we are parents of a newborn? We were completely worn out and felt like our entire day revolved around starring at and playing with D.

Things are starting to level out though. Just when I get really frustrated with the way he acts or talks to us or something, I have to remember that just 3 days ago this 5 yr old was yanked out of his normal and placed into something that could not be more abnormal. Shoot… as a 26 yr old, I would probably not be behaving much better!

We’re learning and laughing a lot.

Our first breakfast consisted of me trying to get him to eat… while not having a clue what he normally eats. We agreed on toast. I paired it with a cold glass of organic milk and thought we would be good to go. He just starred at it. We talked for a bit and figured out that he normally eats oatmeal. Awesome. We have that. So we cooked it up. It was the instant kind that is already sweet with lots of sugar. He took one bite and said, “where’s the suga?” We went back and forth for a bit until I sprinkled a tiny bit more in from our huge container (the health major in me was cringing… this was everything I was trained to NOT do). “Put the WHOLE thing in there… I ain’t eatin’ that!” Then he took a sip of his wonderfully organic milk… “There ain’t no suga in this… where’s the suga?!?”

You get the picture… it was quite the sugar catastrophe that I wasn’t prepared for. Gradually, we’re eating less and less sugar. Here’s for hoping!

Other fun things:

As we’re getting out of the car from shopping the other night, D tells Sara, “I gotta potty!”… Sara: “Alright, let’s go in the… D! Not on the driveway!!” Before she could even respond, he had whipped it out and was spewing all over the driveway. Can’t punish him for something that he thought would be normal. Now he knows that’s not OK.

He’s definitely still in the “figuring things out” phase. Learning that referring to me as “Old Man” doesn’t go over well. Realizing that when he sneaks into my office and gets on the computer, he will quickly end up on his bed in time-out.

All in all… he’s a really smiley kid who loves to play and have fun. He pretends that everything is a horse and enjoys yelling at his imaginary dog.

So this is our life right now. Always something new.


2 thoughts on “Sugar. Tee-Tee. Old Man. Horses.

  1. I will not write what I am thinking. But for the record, I am having a very good laugh at the moment. The joys of being a parent!

    Love you both!

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