Horse Obsession!

Our little guy is absolutely OBSESSED with horses. The first few days we thought it may just be a fad. Turns out, horses are here to stay. If you meet D, YOU will soon become a horse to be pulled around the house… ridden on… locked in the closet because you’ve been a bad horse… you get the picture.

Early on, we were told that it would be a good idea to get him a stuffed animal of some sort so that he could have something to hold and confide in when he gets sad. So, we decided to get him the horse pictured above. He was SO excited about it. However, just as important as finding the perfect horse was finding a rope to tie around his neck to lead him around the house. Awesome. We have such a cowboy on our hands. Not what I was expecting!

The same day that we got him the $15 horse, we decided to give his family a call so that he could talk to them since he misses them tremendously… one of the first things he told them was that he “got a horse”. He didn’t bother to tell them that it was about a foot tall… and made out of cotton. We were whispering in his ear that he should tell them that he “got it” from Walmart. Eventually he did, and they all laughed and we sighed with relief that they no longer thought that we were trying to buy his love or something!

We’ve been trying to figure out how to make his room more personal for him. Last week, the thought went through my mind that I should get some horse photos printed that I shot several months ago for a client. So, I ordered some big prints and surprised him the other day. His face lit up as if magic had landed right in his room. He has been staring at the horses and dreaming up stories about them every since.

I love the power of photographs.

I love watching his mind speed through creative scenarios that he makes up.


4 thoughts on “Horse Obsession!

  1. What an outstanding start!

    I love reading your updates and so thankful D has landed in a place that wants to make him feel such safety.

    Love the photography. Jeff and I were just talking last night how we might need to get photos done again since we have three kiddos. We’ll probably wait till we know a little more about the outcome first though:)

  2. Ryan,
    Me and Christin both love the blog. This is an awesome story, you and Sarah are great people. Kids are amazing and I love watching their little minds wonder as well. Your photography is amazing, Christin has come along ways and is getting better but you are a great inspiration for her to follow. I love the blogs, keep em’ coming. We will only be in College station a little longer but, I will certainly keep up with your work through the sites! Have a good day Ryan.


  3. Love it! I guess I need to get in shape for our next visit…looks like I’m going to be his horse for a while. I wish I could have been there to see his beautiful smile when he saw the pictures! Love Y’all!

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