Our Little Bit…

Our life is still crazy with being foster parents and figuring out what it looks like to go from zero to 5 at the drop of a hat. We find ourselves laughing a lot at our little guy.

He has acquired the nickname of “Little Bit” over the last few weeks. Every single night since the day he walked into our home, we tuck him in, read a story, say our prayers, give hugs, and as we walk out the door… without fail… he says, “leave that door open a little bit” (always almost touching his thumb and pointer finger together so we know just how much a “little bit” actually is). So, I just decided that we would affectionately start calling him “Little Bit”. He loves it.

We’re also think that it’s rather funny that, as trendy and cool as we try to be in life (HA!), our foster child is a complete hick! There are always imaginary “coons” running around our house and attacking him in bed at night… He’s dying to get a pair of cowboy boots… and he is obsessed with horses and farm animals. Who would have thought?

Over the last 7 weeks, we’ve got pretty darn good at figuring out what Little Bit is saying. Sometimes it’s like learning a second language. I’m reminded of this every time someone new comes around and they just give him puzzled looks when he tries explaining things. I forget that some people just don’t understand the words he’s saying. One of the cutest things as of late that he has been doing is when he is trying to tell us something over and over again, and we just aren’t getting it, he will resort to acting like what he’s trying to tell us.

Just yesterday, I was playing with him in his room, and an airplane was roaring over our house. He kept asking me, “Who is that holly?… Who dat HOLLY??” I was completely lost. Then he just looked at me and with all his might belted out, “AhhhOOOOOOOO” like a wolf. Ahh… “howling”… awesome.

We are finding that there are so many joys of parenting a 5 year old. Being a foster parent definitely has its difficulties… and our life is filled with so many uncertainties right now… but, we wouldn’t trade having Little Bit in our home for anything. His bright silver smile and squeaky, high-pitched laugh when he gets excited makes our home a better place.


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