The [uncommon] Movie Moments of Adoption

Let me be clear… the vast majority of moments in our home are far from note worthy, melt-your-heart, “I’m saving the world” moments. We spend most of our time trying to make “time-out” work for us and reminding ourselves that God is in the middle of this whole journey, so we need to be patient.

We recently watched October Baby in theaters… which is a pretty note worthy moment in and of itself! We can’t even remember the last time we were able to make it to the movies since kids came into our lives. Granted, we went to an 11:20am showing and brought a 5 month old baby with us… yup, we’re definitely those people!

We loved the show. Cried several times through it.

On our drive back to the house, I looked at Sara and jokingly said, “Deondre better look us in the eye one day and say, ‘thanks for wanting me’ or I don’t know what I’m gonna do!!”  We laughed and reminded ourselves that it’s highly likely that those words may never come out of his mouth… I just need to swallow that pill now.

The reality is, those lumps that come up in your throat when you watch emotionally charged movies about crazy adoption stories where children are rescued and lives are changed… those teary eyed moments where you feel like real Shalom peace has arrived in a situation and all is back in place… those moments just aren’t frequenters to our home.


Just the other day we had one.

Just the other night at dinner we had a movie moment with our 6 year old. Wish the film crew would have been sitting at our table, dang it!

As we were eating our dinner together, I just started talking with Deondre about adoption out of the blue. We have been dropping those conversations sporadically with him over the last few months to prep him for what is coming very soon.

I told him that in just a month or two, we are going to officially adopt him and his name will look like ours. I explained that we would go before a judge… and he would be a happy judge because this is an exciting thing. We may even have a party afterwards.

It wasn’t a big shocker that he was relatively silent through this whole explanation. Just staring at his plate like he always does when we talk about things he has no clue about.

After some silence and a few bites of dinner, I asked him how all of that made him feel.

He didn’t say anything.

So, we pressed him again… “Deondre, how do you feel about all of that? What does your heart feel about being adopted and living with us forever?”

He remained silent, but without any fanfare, he took his little brown finger and began drawing on the table next to his placemat (like Jesus telling a parable).

Puzzled for a moment, it finally clicked for Sara and I. He was drawing a smiley face.

Each day at school, Deondre either gets a smiley face, straight face, or sad face. His life basically revolves around smiley faces. For him, this was his stamp of approval on the whole thing.

At that moment, we felt it. It was one of those Shalom peace moments. Teary eyed, lumpy throat, “where is the film-crew?” moments.

Now, that moment was quickly followed by, “Finish your food or you won’t get dessert!”… but, we’ll take all of the small glimpses of grace we can get around here.

We’re so excited to be nearing the end of this fostering journey with our son and making it all official. I can’t wait to write that post into our family’s legacy!


11 thoughts on “The [uncommon] Movie Moments of Adoption

  1. so perfect.
    even with our own kids there aren’t always those film crew movie worthy moments.
    being a parent is hard work, as you well know.
    keep up the good work with your children, they will see your good heart and good deeds!

  2. Praying that he will one day understand the blessing God has offer him in becoming a part of the Price family!

  3. yep, you did it. teary-eyed to the max.
    and yes, can we pleaaase have a party for him?????? with lots of cute smiley-faces decor. . . you know from pinterest or something. =)

  4. What a great moment! Some other movies that are pro-adoption (may not be my favorite movies, but they’re beautiful because of the theme of adoption): Kung Fu Panda 2, The Blindside, Ann of Green Gables… how sad, that that’s all I can think of right now. But I’m sure there’s more out there… this might be a good idea for post.

  5. Oh, I so got teary-eyed reading this. While these moments are not required for us to love them, it sure does make it easier to feel the emotions of love. I hope your little guy continues to heal and grow and love. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh my goodness, I cannot handle your sweet family and your real approach to being the salt and light – not just the theoretical or generic sense, but as you said, unpacking those piles of luggage that your soon-to-be adopted son showed up with and we all inevitable have to unpack with our own children (biological or otherwise). What an adventure and how grateful I am to read yours as you live it. Thank you!

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