Colorado . 2013

We recently were able to spend a week in one of our favorite places in America… Colorado. These are the times that I feel incredibly blessed to do what I do for a living… photographing weddings in some of the most beautiful places and bringing my family along for some time away. Our goal is to book at least one wedding in Colorado every year… so tell your friends!!

We were really able to relax and reconnect during our time in the mountains near Durango, CO. From the outset, I decided that it would be best for both me and for my family if I made this an Instagram-free vacation. I moved both Instagram + Facebook to the very last screen on my phone so I wouldn’t be tempted to mindlessly click on it, and I resisted the urge to post every single photo I took of our trip for everyone to see. This was the absolutely best decision I’ve made in a long time. I was really able to be present with my family and not think about impressing people on the internet every moment of the day.

I also decided that I was going to leave behind my digital camera when we went on walks and stuff. I was armed only with my iPhone and my film camera. I haven’t sent my film off to get developed yet, but this is what was captured with my iPhone. I used VSCO CAM to shoot and edit every one of these photos right after I took them. I love this powerful photography tool that really allowed me to capture memories quickly and not spend forever behind my computer editing photos. My iPhone will now be my go-to camera on vacations!

Colorado01 Colorado02 Colorado03 Colorado04 Colorado05 Colorado06 Colorado07 Colorado08 Colorado09 Colorado10 Colorado11 Colorado12 Colorado13 Colorado14 Colorado15 Colorado16 Colorado17 Colorado18 Colorado19 Colorado20 Colorado21 Colorado22 Colorado23 Colorado24 Colorado25 Colorado26 Colorado27 Colorado28 Colorado29 Colorado30All images shot and processed on iPhone using VSCO CAM.


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