Two Years and Counting!

Two years ago today, I said, “I do” to the most beautiful woman that I know. The last two years have been refining for the both of us. We’ve been able to laugh and cry and at the end of it realize that we still love spending time with each other way more than with anyone else. I love that we both make the same jokes about things and create the same awkward situations. I pride myself in the fact that we are known as the couple that makes the inappropriate comments around our friends! If it was just one of us, it would be kinda an issue, but since we both have NO filter, it makes life all the more fun!

Sara, I can not wait to spend the rest of my life with you by my side… to experience the things that we’ll experience this next year with none other than my best friend.

I. Love. You.

Side Note :: To those of you who are contemplating getting married a few days after Christmas (as we did), realize that when you get ready to celebrate your anniversary in a town like Bryan/College Station, there will be ZERO cool restaurants open because apparently unless you are student in this town, you are worthless.