About Ryan

Family12_0143For the most part, I go by the name Ryan Price. Other aliases I am associated with are: Daddy, Old Man, ry_pri, and ry-ry.

I am a husband in training to one amazing wife, Sara, that puts up with a guy who is always wanting to do another crazy thing in life.

I am the father of 2 amazing children.

Deondre is a boy that we have fostered for over a year through CPS and are in the process of attaching our last name to his first to make sure our lives will forever intertwine.

Mason came to us via 9 months in utero of Sara while we were fostering Deondre.

Yeah… so, if you do the math there… we basically went from zero to two children within one calendar year… our single most life-changing year to date.

I am a full-time photographer based out of Bryan/College Station, TX. God has given me one of the coolest jobs I could imagine… work at my own pace… interact with awesome people that are in love… create art…

I also serve as the worship leader at a church that we helped plant here in College Station… New Life. I am passionate about leading our local church in worship and creating music that tells our story of redemption.

I try to be as granola/organic as possible… I moonlight as an organic gardener, wasting entirely too much money and time on materials and things like rain catching devices… I also contemplate becoming vegan about every 2 weeks or so, but decide that it would just be too difficult to do in College Station, TX.

Most importantly, I’m a sojourner.

I am doing my best to lead my family and those around me, one day at a time, closer toward our home. I’m rarely content to stay where I am philosophically. I am constantly wanting to challenge what I thought yesterday. I want to be able to look back on my years and know that I took risks, followed the Spirit within me, and stood up for those that don’t have a voice.

So, here I am.

Writing to document this journey.

Writing to leave markers for those that may be following close behind me.